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Rehabilitation Gym Barnstaple

The main stabilization for the spine is from the surrounding muscles. Strong, well co-ordinated muscles allow greater forces to go through the spine before injury occurs.

After injury the body often uses compensatory movements which use incorrect muscles which do not support the spine effectively. This compensatory pattern becomes increasingly natural to the patient, the muscles being used become stronger and the muscles not being used become weaker. The muscle imbalance then leads to further problems in the spine.

The aim of our Spinal Rehabilitation course is to ensure that the correct supporting muscles are not only strong but well co-ordinated to support and protect the spine efficiently.

The rehabilitation program is what can make the difference between temporary improvements and long-term relief.

In recent years there has been a great deal of research into exercise and spinal disorders. It was found that a reliable indicator for future low back pain was weak spinal muscles and that many patients experiencing long term spinal complaints benefit from intensive exercise programs of over 3 months duration.

The right program for your needs

Here at the Complete Chiropractic Centre we use an established and successful spinal rehabilitation programme, designed to retrain and re-balance the muscles that support the frame of the body.

The Chiropractor will examine you to determine what spinal rehabilitation programme is suitable for your problem.

You will then be referred to the rehabilitation gym where the mobility and strength of the neck/back is measured so that the correct level of exercise is given. Your measurements can then be compared with future assessments at 6 and 13 weeks.

At each session you will be guided through your exercises by your instructor who will advise on the correct technique, posture and breathing.

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