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Clearnail® Treatments for Fungal Nail Infections

Unsightly fungal nail infections are unfortunately very common and difficult to treat. Once the fungus has penetrated the nail, the nail itself forms a barrier to any anti-fungal treatments that are applied directly. Until recently the only other alternative was to take oral medication to kill the fungus but these drugs like so many others can have serious side effects for some people.

First in North Devon

Clearanail have developed a new system which drills small holes through the nail which then allow the antifungal the fungus and kill it. This approach allows the drug dosage to be 95% less than taking antifungal tablets. Sensors in the drill detect when the nail has been drilled through without damaging the sensitive tissues under the nail, so the process is painless.

Sara Williams BSc (Hons) is the first HCPC registered podiatrist in North Devon to offer this service. Along with treatment, Sara offers important advice on foot hygiene and spraying footwear to stop any re-infection.

For more information or to book an appointment please telephone Sara on 01271 327444

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